Gasum gas company is tired of inattentive motorists

Many owners of gas vehicles forget to pull out the hose after refueling and cut it off. Now Gasum will apply for compensation to the insurance of a forgetful motorist.

At LPG stations, hapless car owners cut off the hose weekly. While refueling, it is not necessary to monitor and hold the hose in your hands, as in the case of other fuels, so drivers turn their attention to, for example, a smartphone. Some even get into the car and completely forget about the hose. When the refueling is finished, they leave – and part of the hose with them.

The company faced this problem back in 2018. Then Gasum supplied the dispensers with a light signal of the end of refueling, which attracted the driver’s attention.

Since the phenomenon was not completely eradicated in this way, Gasum has now decided to act by other means. If earlier the gas station network received compensation for broken hoses from its own insurance company, now it will contact the insurance company of the guilty driver, which issued car insurance (similar to OSAGO).

Insurance companies promise to compensate for damage if it is caused by forgetfulness, but not through negligence. Where the border of these concepts lies will be considered in each case separately. But in any case, this can affect the price of insurance in the future.