Geometry and color: bright graffiti from Okuda appeared in Madrid and Valencia

Spanish painter and sculptor Okuda San Miguel, known for his distinctive painting style with colorful geometric patterns, gradually fills cities with optimism and recalls the diversity of the world. In Madrid and Valencia, two of his new works appeared on the facades of residential buildings, calling to enjoy life, be loyal and tolerant to each other. Through new urban works, he reminds residents of the versatility of love and the rights of LGBT people.

This project is sponsored by the fashion and lifestyle platform Zalando, which also advocates an optimistic life and connecting people.

If you are if you want to admire these graffiti live, we leave you the coordinates: the intersection of Calle de Eugenio Caxes and Avenida del Manzanares streets in Madrid; Сarrer de Sant Vicent Mártir, 163 in Valencia.