Germany named possible obstacle for completion of Nord Stream 2

A possible extension of the lockdown in Germany could lead not only to dire consequences for the economy, but also is likely to affect the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Bundestag deputy Waldemar Gerdt said on the air of the 360 ​​TV channel.

According to the parliamentarian, restrictive measures are a serious test for the economy. Most small and medium-sized businesses will not be able to recover normally. Entire industries will remain in ruins. This will lead to an increase in unemployment and non-repayment of bank loans. At the same time, possible economic consequences will also affect all neighboring states, including Russia, with which Germany has a common project – Nord Stream 2.

Meanwhile, Germany has extended the permit to lay gas pipeline … Construction in Danish waters should also resume, Euronews reported.

Due to the threat of US sanctions, several European companies have already withdrawn from the project, including a Swiss firm whose ships were laying pipes. Now Russian ships are working in the Baltic. Berlin expects to clarify the situation after negotiations with the new US administration.

“The decision on sanctions, which was adopted by Washington in December, emphasizes that intergovernmental consultations will take place before the introduction of sanctions. We consider this a positive moment and, of course We want to discuss this topic with our Washington colleagues as soon as the new administration takes over, “German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said.

More than 90 percent of the pipes have already been laid, but the project is under constant pressure from the United States. The Americans say that Nord Stream 2 will make Europe dependent on Russian gas. Moscow accuses the United States of unfair competition out of a desire to sell its more expensive liquefied gas to the Europeans.