Germany to cancel free COVID tests

The German federal government has held a meeting on the fight against coronavirus, given the growing number of cases and not very active vaccinations. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of the federal states have agreed on new rules for the fall, according to the German edition Berliner Morgenpost. 
In particular, free tests for coronavirus will be canceled, with the exception of the following categories: those who have contraindications to vaccination certified by a doctor, pregnant women and children or adolescents.

At the same time, those who have not been vaccinated, and this is more than 30 percent of the population (55 percent are fully vaccinated), are subject to mandatory testing if more than 35 infected with coronavirus are detected in the region within seven days per 100 thousand of the population, and the certificate a negative result of a PCR test must be done within the last 48 hours. At the same time, for visiting large events, as well as bars and discos, the requirements may be stricter.

As stated by Merkel, such a measure should stimulate the vaccination of the population in order to reach the 80 percent level. “Since we can already offer comprehensive vaccinations to every German citizen, we will stop free tests for all citizens from October 11,” the Chancellor emphasized. from the office, at least two PCR tests per week.

Coronavirus infection in Germany after 9/11 will be recognized as a “national epidemic”, which will give the federal government the right to issue direct orders for testing and vaccination.

As the incumbent mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, said, “In the fall, unvaccinated citizens should expect new restrictions.”