Hammock Juice Station cafe: drinking coffee in hammocks in Barcelona

Places with specialty coffee, mouth-watering brunches and trendy bowls always attract those who love not only delicious food, but also take vivid photos for their Instagram. In such a popular city as Barcelona, ​​there are a lot of such establishments. To withstand the competition and surprise visitors, the creators of the cafe are trying to come up with something original. This also happened with the Hammock Juice Station cafe, where instead of chairs and sofas, guests can sit in hammocks.

Many visitors come here for the first time to take interesting pictures and just relax in hammocks, and then become regular visitors, because that the coffee and food is of the highest standard. Guests are asked to take off their shoes, because this is how you can very comfortably sit in a hammock. There is a sense of homeliness everywhere.

In addition to specialty coffee, it also offers 16 different types of fresh juices, different types of bowls, hummus, egg dishes, avocado toast and pastries.