Heavy rains on Johannus caused sewer spills and caused massive losses

The basements of many rooms were flooded due to heavy rains last week. The disaster caused damage to both private homes and commercial premises. Insurance companies should cover the losses.

Heavy rains that covered the Kainuu region on Midsummer Day caused massive damage to residential premises in Sotkamo. Water seeped into at least five premises owned by the municipality. In particular, the basements suffered from the water.

Also residents of the municipality faced the consequences of the disaster. Anna Hartikainen from Sotkamo says that the basement of her house was flooded due to heavy rains. According to Hartikainen, not only her house was flooded, but also neighbors.

– When I went down to the basement, the water was ankle-deep.

Hartikainen contacted the emergency services, and the firefighters pumped water out of basement.

Jouko Hukkanen,, in turn, owns a hardware store, which was flooded with spilled sewage. A basement with an area of ​​200 square meters was flooded when sewage wastes began to erupt from two toilet bowls and a sewer drain. The sewer spill lasted several hours.

Human feces and toilet paper, it all went outside and spilled on the floor. The renovation will cost tens of thousands of euros, says Hukkanen.

According to Hukkanen, it will take several months to dry the basement.

Since 2014, the state does not compensate for the damage caused as a result floods. The insurance companies are now liable for damages.