Helsinki to provide second dose of vaccine on an expedited basis to those traveling to work or study abroad

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> THL reminds that the time between two doses of vaccine should not be shortened too much. <7> <8> Residents of Helsinki, Espoo and Tampere have the opportunity to receive a second dose coronavirus vaccines faster than 12 weeks after the first vaccination. To do this, you must have a good reason: study or work abroad, which will last at least several months. <9> <10> <11> STATISTICAL DATA ON CORONAVIRUS <12> <13> Click to view the latest information on the development of the pandemic in Finland and in the world <14> <15> <16><17> <18> In Espoo they say they will consider each case separately. After Johannus, the city plans to draw up detailed instructions on the criteria for eligibility for a second dose earlier. Residents of Vantaa and Kauniainen are also expected to have this opportunity, but this week Yle News Service did not receive any confirmation from these cities. <19><20> The City of Helsinki on Wednesday announced that it will provide unused doses of the second vaccine by the end of the day to those traveling abroad for work or school for three months or more, as well as to their families over 16 years old if they also travel with them. To do this, you must sign up for a waiting list by e-mail and provide your data and supporting documents about your studies or work. Tourism or visiting friends, acquaintances or relatives is not sufficient reason. <21> <22> The date of vaccination cannot be selected. Those on the list will be called up and invited for vaccination in a short time. The number of unused doses of vaccine varies each day. <23><24> <25> Toteutus vaati toimiakseen JavaScriptin. <26> <27> <28> According to THL Health and Social Welfare Lead Specialist <29> Mia Kontio<30> providing the opportunity to receive a second dose ahead of time is an initiative of individual municipalities, in which the department does not interfere. Its principle is that the period between doses can be shortened only for medical reasons, for example, if a course of treatment is to begin in the near future. THL does not want to expand the practice of individual cities throughout the country, since there may not be enough vaccines for everyone. <31> <32> In Espoo, the amount of the drug does not cause concern. <33> Sanna Swan <34>, head of basic services, says the city has received large quantities of vaccine lately, and there are no more than a few hundred people in need of a second dose due to an overseas trip. <35><36> THL reminds municipalities, which provide the opportunity to receive a second dose ahead of schedule, that the deadline cannot be shortened too much. According to Kontio, the three weeks that Pfizer / Biontech recommends for their vaccine is not optimal. <37> <38> – The interval between doses should not be less than eight weeks, as there is scientific evidence that the benefit and protection of a second dose higher if the deadline is significantly longer than Pfizer's recommendation, says Kontio. <39><40> <41> Toteutus vaati toimiakseen JavaScriptin. <42> <43><44> <45> Toteutus vaati toimiakseen JavaScriptin. <46> <47>