Helsinki will close the power plant in Hanasaari two years ahead of schedule – the vacated space may turn into an oasis of urban culture

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> Metropolitan Energy Company Helen has decided to close the Hanasaari coal power plant at the latest in early 2023. For citizens, this means more space in the center of the capital that can be used to the benefit of everyone. <7> <8> Metropolitan energy company Helen has decided to close the coal-fired power plant in Hanasaari two years ahead of schedule. According to Helen, this decision is economically viable as emissions duties have recently increased. <9> <10> The closure of the power plant will affect emissions nationally: Hanasaari is the third largest CO2 emitter in Finland. <11 > <12> – Phasing out the power plant is possible because we've done tremendous work in recent years and made important investments in generating electricity from renewable and zero-waste sources, says Helen's CEO<13> Juha-Pekka Vekström <14>. <15> <16> According to the new schedule, the Hanasaari coal-fired power plant will serve as a backup power source in 2022-2023, until the construction of the Vuosaari biogas plant is completed. After that, Hanasaari will be permanently closed. <17> <18> Vekström states that the original closure of Hanasaari was scheduled for late 2024. <19> <20> Mayor of Helsinki <21> Jan Vapaavuori <22> (Coalition) thanks the municipal-owned energy company for the work done to find alternative energy sources. <23> <24> Vapaavuori says that for citizens, the closure of Hanasaari means new opportunities to use the urban space now occupied by the power plant. Coal warehouses will disappear from the cityscape, and the territory will be freed up for public use. <25><26> – This is a unique place right by the sea with great potential. It can be turned into a new oasis of modern urban culture, the Mayor of Helsinki said. <27>