Hotel night train connects Barcelona with European cities

A night train where you can sleep comfortably while traveling is a completely familiar phenomenon for residents of Russia, but in European countries such offers seem surprising. If a few years ago someone had said that in the future the emphasis would be on trains rather than airplanes, few would have believed it. However, more and more attention in Europe is paid to trains, due to which new projects and opportunities for travelers are born. Large companies are more likely to advocate for more sustainable travel opportunities, and tourists are eagerly awaiting new offers.

The French company Midnight Trains presents a project of night trains that will function as hotels on rails with all the amenities. They will connect Barcelona with other European cities starting in 2024.

Midnight Trains will offer services on the same principle as all hotels: private rooms with everything you need, the opportunity to visit a bar and restaurant. Through the use of the mobile application, travelers will be able to choose additional options and receive prompt advice.

Paris will become the hub of the Midnight Trains hotel trains. From the French capital, trains will travel between 800 and 1500 kilometers to connect major European cities such as Madrid, Lisbon, Porto, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Edinburgh and of course same, Barcelona.