How do I book tickets for the Fiestas de Gracia 2021 events in Barcelona?

This year, the traditional Barcelona holiday Fiestas de Gracia has to adapt to the restrictive measures due to the pandemic. Concerts and other traditional cultural events are free of charge, but due to the above measures, advance booking is required. This is done in order to control the capacity of each public space in the city.

To attend events and concerts that will take place in the Gràcia area, you must book your tickets on the official website https: //www.festamajordegracia. cat /.

Traditional festival concerts and other events that usually attract a large audience will be concentrated in three spaces of the area: Espacio Bailén, Espacio Pi i Margall, Espacio Plaza de Joanic

Please note that all events will end at 00:30 am due to the curfew in Barcelona due to the pandemic.