In Berlin, the police stopped an unauthorized action by opponents of vaccination

In Berlin, the results of the riots are summed up at the Sunday protest rally of opponents of vaccination and the so-called “covid dissidents” who gathered in the center of the German capital despite the ban of the authorities … According to official figures, about 600 people were detained. As reporters note, the police used water cannons and pepper spray not only against individual aggressive participants, but also in general in order to “thin out” the crowd of thousands, in which people fundamentally refused to keep their distance and wear masks. The footage from the scene shows how the guards grab the protesters, put them face down on the ground, and wring the girls’ hands.

“The operation was to reduce the risk of infection and disperse the demonstration,” admitted police spokesman Thilo Kablitz. “In some cases, we had to use physical violence.” One of these raids ended in tragedy: a 49-year-old protester fell ill in a police car, where he was taken to check his documents. and died already in the hospital, where the ambulance took him. As the media found out, the detainee was not a Berliner (like many of the protesters) and came to the German capital from the Rhineland, and not alone, but with his underage son, whom he took with him “to the barricades.” According to the police, the demonstrator tried to break through their cordon and was detained for identification.

The core of the protests has traditionally been the Thinking Outside the Box movement, which for ideological reasons is financed by Michael Balweg, a businessman from Stuttgart. He and his supporters oppose the restrictive measures the authorities are using to combat the corona pandemic. “Long live democracy, down with the covid dictatorship!” – this is one of the most frequent slogans that can be seen at such events. With the start of the vaccination campaign, opponents of vaccination joined the ranks of the rebels. Balweg himself calls his movement exclusively peaceful.

By the way, initially 22.5 thousand people were announced to participate in the Sunday demonstration, but the Berlin Senate refused to hold it. Then about 5 thousand “outside the box” took to the streets unauthorizedly. They were not frightened even by the threat of a fine of up to a thousand euros, according to the local portal rbb24. Berlin’s Charlottenburg, Mitte and Kreuzberg districts became the epicenter of “popular resistance.” On Monday, they wanted to bring 10 thousand people to the streets of the capital, but the police again banned the march.

Watch: Chaos Erupts On Streets Of Berlin As Police Attack Anti-Lockdown Protesters. Worldwide protests, to decimation of freedom continued this weekend, Berlin becoming focal point, thousands took to streets, rising up against lockdowns, vaccine passports

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Police Beat, Pepper-Spray Anti-Lockdown Protesters in Berlin (VIDEO)

The whole world is having the same vaccine debate and I don’t see it ending soon #maga via @gatewaypundit

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Når det ser sådan ude et såkaldt demokratisk land så kan vi godt forestille os hvordan et diktatur ser ud… hvad sker der for politiet som skulle passe på borgerne #coronavirus #Berlin #CovidVaccine #VACCINE #dkpol

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VIDEO: Protecting European Union ???????? values: Policeman grabs slightly-built woman by the throat and throws her to the ground. #Berlin #fascism #Merkel ???????? #carehomes #careworkers #lockdown #vaccines # SCAMDEMIC2021

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