In France, restaurants are obliged to provide containers for the half-eaten

New restaurant rules have come into force in France from today. Establishments are now required to provide customers with reusable or recyclable containers for undernourished meals if customers choose to take them with them. According to Le Figaro, in this way, France decided to fight waste and excessive amounts of food waste.

According to research conducted back in 2016, 33 percent of products purchased in stores end up in the trash heap. … We are talking about both waste received in the process of cooking and spoiled products, which include orders that are not eaten by visitors of cafes and restaurants.

As the restaurateurs themselves note, in France it is not a habit to take the leftover dishes with you. In the USA and Asian countries, the portions are quite large, where the client may not cope with them. In France, they are much smaller, the plates by the end of the meal are almost always empty. In addition, from childhood, the French are taught to finish what they put on the table.

So they are not used to taking scraps with them, only 15 percent of the French do this. Most consider such a practice unnecessary, they call doing so uncivilized, and the process of putting food leftovers into containers is unhygienic. In addition, if the food was tasty, nothing will remain on the plate, otherwise it makes no sense to pick up the leftovers, unless, of course, they go to the dog’s bowl.