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In Heinola, the thermometer rises above 30 degrees – the highest temperature in June

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> On Saturday, the air warmed up so much that the temperature rose to 30 degrees. <7> <8> According to meteorologist <9> Hannu Valta <10>, the highest temperature in June, 30.1 degrees, was recorded in Heinola. The highest mark of this year, however, was in May. Then in Ilomantsi they measured 30.8 degrees of heat. <11> <12> The temperature record for June was recorded in 1935 in Yakhtyari. The thermometer rose to 33.8 degrees. <13> <14> According to Valt, it is possible that the record will be broken in the coming days. <15> <16> – I would guess it could happen in Eastern or South-Eastern Finland early next week. <17>