In Jayanekoski, the body of a man who disappeared in 2012 was found in a drowned car

The Central Finland Rescue Service lifted a car from the bottom of a lake in Jaanekoski, Central Finland police said. In the car, the body of Jussi Peltola who disappeared in 2012 was found, Yle confirms the father of the young man Juha Peltola .

– Nine years of waiting ended. It’s a relief for us, says Juha Peltola.

Juha Peltola says that the car was found by two brothers who became interested in Jussi’s disappearance and began to study what happened.

Juha Peltola told Yle two years ago that Jussi spent a weekend in Jaanekoski with friends in October 2012. Friends heard him quarreling on the phone with a girl. At four o’clock in the morning, they noticed that Jussi had disappeared. The black Citroën is also missing. No one knew where the 18-year-old had gone.

Police on Saturday confirmed that the car found at the bottom of the lake was the same car that the missing Jussi Peltola drove.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the case.