In Portugal, antivaccinator family dies in a week from COVID

Members of one family died from coronavirus infection, as they became victims of propaganda against vaccination.

In Portugal, family members of opponents of vaccination died from coronavirus in a week. According to their relative, they were afraid to do COVID-injections because of the information spread by anti-vaccines, writes the Daily Mail.

43-year-old Francis Goncalves said that his 65-year-old mother, 73-year-old father, died of the infection. and a 40-year-old brother.

According to the man, his parents had serious health problems, but the brother was “the healthiest person.” Vaccination, Goncalves believes, could have saved his life.

Francis Goncalves with his family.

Earlier we wrote that an anti-vaccine blogger died of coronavirus in the United States. A 34-year-old man who ridiculed the vaccination campaign developed pneumonia following COVID infection.

And in Italy, a teenager intends to sue antivaccinator parents. Parents do not give a 17-year-old boy written permission to be vaccinated, so he turned to lawyers.

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