In Rome, police pay the fine they imposed on a priest

<1> <2> <3> Neighbors in the parish complained about the shouting and music coming from the playground <4> <5> <6> <7> <8> <9> <10 > Rome city police fined a priest because the children under his supervision were too loud, but then footed the bill, a local police spokesperson said on Wednesday. <11> <12> Officers visited the parish of Santa Maria Immacolata in the Aurelio neighborhood on Monday evening after neighbors complained about the screams and loud music coming from the playground. After establishing that the music was too loud, the officers had no choice but to impose a fine of 300 euros on the parish priest, the spokesperson for the parish told AFP. local police. <13> <14> They did it as ordinary citizens ”<15> <16> But the agents of the Aurelio police station then decided to collect among themselves to cover the costs, in solidarity with the priest. "They did it as ordinary citizens, it has nothing to do with being police officers, they did it because they knew the parish," said the spokesperson. 17> <18> The priest, Father Carmine Salvatore Cipolla, told the Ansa News Agency that he believed he was on a hidden camera show when he was told of the fine. "I couldn't believe we got fined just for letting the kids play," he said, expressing himself extremely grateful for the officers' gesture. <19>