In search of “linden”

The EU has blamed airlines for fake coronavirus test results, which passengers have increasingly come across, Politico writes. In Germany, an air carrier who admits a traveler on board with a false certificate faces a fine of up to 25 thousand euros.

“In the last week alone, the police have identified 600 cases of violations by airlines,” said the head of the German department, Dieter Romann. In France, it came to the suspension of all Ethiopian Airlines flights because of a suspicious piece of paper about a PCR test from one of the passengers. However, the carriers do not admit the charges of “irresponsibility”. “This is sometimes an unbearable burden for them,” said the organization Airlines for Europe. “Nobody taught the staff at the check-in counter how to verify the authenticity of vaccination certificates.”

Germany has not yet decided on the punishment for passengers convicted of fraud. For forging documents in the country are given 10 years in prison “But such violations can also be qualified as the use of incorrect health documents. For this the punishment is milder – a fine or up to a year in prison,” explained Munich’s chief prosecutor Anne Leiding to the Die Welt newspaper. However, everything can be much more complicated. So, in the Austrian Innsbruck, a Romanian citizen appeared before the court under the article on causing harm to health. A woman who works as a nurse for a 90-year-old local resident flew in with a fake certificate. A couple of days later, it turned out that she was sick with the “corona”, with which she managed to infect her ward. Apparently, the Romanian will not get off as easily as the Briton who paid £ 150 for the trip with a fake certificate. On the other side of the Atlantic, the punishment is more severe. The Canadian government has warned that unscrupulous passengers will be fined 5 thousand eurosAbout according to the law on aeronautics.

7 people were arrested in Paris, selling fake certificates at the airport

Meanwhile, it is still not clear how many laboratories are involved in the criminal business of producing fake certificates. But it, as Europol announced, is gaining momentum. Last week, French police arrested seven people who were selling fake certificates for 150-300 euros to departing citizens right at Charles de Gaulle airport. Now the attackers face up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 375 thousand to half a million euros.