Influencer Academy Opens in Tampere – Students Receive World’s First Academic Degree in Blogging

Training will be conducted in English, and its cost will be about 35 thousand euros.

There are a huge number of different courses for bloggers around the world. But in Finland, for the first time, a whole educational program has been created, after which an official diploma of higher professional education will be issued. The academic degree will be called tradenomi, which is the Finnish analogue of the Bachelor of Business Administration.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK is launching an educational program for influencers and content makers in January 2022. It’s called the Influencers Academy. The course, designed for 3.5 years, will accept from 20 to 25 beginners or already successful bloggers. For education they will have to pay out of their pocket 9,800 euros per year or 34,300 for the entire time. Training will be conducted in English.

The educational program was commissioned by Edunation, a company that sells and exports educational products. About two years ago, Finnish educational institutions were legally able to develop programs for the needs of the customer.

The basis of the program will be teaching the basics of entrepreneurship, and the goal of students will be to turn blogging into a source of income. The first six months will pass for the development of a business plan. Students will be taught personnel management, marketing, accounting and other aspects of the existence of a commercial company. Each student will have to start a company in Finland to support their blog on social media.

TAMK says the curriculum content can change according to the actual needs of the students. In addition, it is planned to attract a large number of third-party specialists, for example, a Finnish businessman, to conduct classes and lectures. Peter Vesterbacka .

The most popular Instagram blogger in Finland Joalin Laukomaa will also study at the Influencers Academy. She has 3.6 million followers