Injection order

In Germany, where anti-vaccination sentiments are quite strong, the words of the Bavarian Prime Minister and Merkel’s junior partner in the conservative alliance, Markus Seder, caused a violent reaction. In an interview with the Sddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, a prominent supporter of tough measures in the fight against the pandemic suggested considering making the covid vaccine mandatory for some groups of citizens.

According to Zeder, we are talking about nurses and nursing staff of nursing homes, where only 30 percent of employees agree to voluntarily give themselves an injection. The politician called vaccination a “civic duty” and proposed to launch a wide campaign with the participation of show business stars, athletes and other media persons. As noted by Deutsche Welle, some vaccinations in Germany are compulsory (for example, against measles), but too little time has passed since the beginning of vaccination against the new corona virus. Meanwhile, the Germans cannot understand when the tough quarantine will finally end, once again extended until January 31. According to leaks from the internal party meeting of the CDU, Chancellor Angela Merkel did not rule out that the country will face another “eight to ten difficult weeks.” It all depends on how the mutated “British” strain will behave.