Joe Biden to send new ambassador to Germany

US President Joe Biden is proposing the appointment of 71-year-old Ami Gutman, a political scientist who is now president of the University of Pennsylvania, as the new ambassador to Germany. This was reported by the German weekly Spiegel.

The issue, according to the newspaper, can be considered practically resolved, although this candidacy still needs to be approved in the Senate. But there are hardly any complications here. Just look at Gutman's impeccable career. She graduated from the London School of Economics and received her degree from Harvard in 1976. Since 2004, he has headed the University of Pennsylvania. In 2009, Barack Obama appointed her chairman of the government commission on bioethics.

Her family history cannot be disregarded. Her father Kurt was born in Bavaria and as a student encouraged his Jewish family to emigrate from the Nazi regime to India. However, he later moved to the United States. As Ami Gutman said in an interview in 2013, "my family would have been completely destroyed if my father hadn't done what he did." By the way, at the initiative of the head of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the world's largest archives of the Holocaust was created here.

By electing Ami Gutman to such a responsible diplomatic post, Biden hopes to fix relations between Washington and Berlin, which were seriously damaged under the former after Richard Grenella, whom ex-chairman of the Social Democratic Party Martin Schultz called nothing but a "right-wing extremist colonial officer."

Be that as it may, Ami Gutman, the first female US ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, has a difficult job ahead of her.