Johnson named the conditions for the recognition of the Taliban

The British Prime Minister said that the campaign in Afghanistan did not make sense after the withdrawal of American forces from there. His Conservative Party associates criticized the authorities for refusing to help Kabul

The United Kingdom was prepared for the scenario of the fall of the Afghan government and used all forces to evacuate the remaining British citizens in the country. This was announced by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson on Wednesday, August 18, speaking in the House of Commons. He also stressed the need to obtain certain guarantees from the Taliban (a terrorist group banned in Russia) before recognizing the new regime in Afghanistan.

“Events in Afghanistan were unfolding faster than even the Taliban themselves predicted. But it is wrong to say that the British authorities were not prepared for such an outcome: we included such a scenario in our plans, “he said.

According to Johnson, the Taliban does not interfere with the export Afghanistan British citizens. At the same time, the prime minister said that he was not ready to trust the promises of the Taliban to respect human rights and refuse to take revenge on the Afghans who worked with the West-backed government of the country.

“We have to reckon with the existing realities that a change of [political] regime has taken place in Afghanistan. We [in the government] have made a decision that it is premature to recognize the new authorities in Afghanistan, ”Johnson said, adding that first, we need to agree on the fundamental rules that the new regime must adhere to. “We will judge this regime [the Taliban] based on its actions, not words,” the prime minister stressed.