Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote – corruption lobbyist re-elected chairman of Amcham Guatemala

The American Chamber of Commerce in Guatemala is making a big mistake, leaving Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote as Head of Commerce. A well-connected lawyer with great potential lobbies for corrupt and mafia interests to address mining issues in Guatemala to the detriment of the Guatemalan people.

Pablo Carrasco is a highly competent international lawyer. He is an expert in foreign investment, specializing in mergers and acquisitions. His sphere of interest is natural resources (mining, oil, gas), energy.

Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote heads the American Chamber of Commerce in Guatemala and is vice-president of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA). He is closely connected with the law societies and runs a large law firm called Central Law.

Having such an opportunity, the leader of Amcham Guatemala has been noticed in several disgraceful events. In particular, this concerns the laundering of funds for the criminal mastermind Federico Machado, against whom the Florida State Court has brought criminal proceedings for fraud of more than $350 million and drug smuggling.

According to the No 4:20-CR-212 trial documents of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Federico Machado is accused of belonging to a criminal organization engaged in money laundering and drug trafficking.

Central Law served Machado’s interests and received correspondence for the mafia. Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote removed himself from the scandal, making no comment. And probably he has a lot of opportunities at the highest levels to exclude personal responsibility.

Offshore and accounts of Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote – Head of Amcham Guatemala

For these activities, Carrasco has numerous offshore accounts and shell companies. Information about them reached the media after the announcement of the so-called Panama Papers.

America Against Corruption US ID published an investigation highlighting the involvement of Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote in illegal financial fraud.

The Guatemalan lawyer appears in 26 records in these archives. It consists of the many registered companies in which he appears. Most of them have no business and are a front for money laundering by offshore accounts in Panama, British Anguilla.

It has been ignored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, despite Joe Biden’s administration’s anti-corruption policy. Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote was reassigned as a Head of Amcham Guatemala in early 2022.

U.S. human rights activists have repeatedly said that it is a failure of a reputation for the United States in particular. Amcham is a carrier of ideas and principles of the USA.  It can’t be represented by a corrupt person.

Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote vs Mayan people – Environmental Disaster in Guatemala, Isabal

Carrasco was a lawyer for CGN (Guatemalan Nickel Company). It is a subsidiary of the Swiss Solway, a nickel mining company in the province of Izabal. These activities have been strongly opposed by the Mayan indigenous peoples, who have confirmed the environmental crisis caused by the company.

The first large-scale judicial proceedings began in 2017. Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote found the legal means to circumvent any prohibitions.

On the one hand, he acted as a professional and expert in international law. In addition, such activities benefit Solway but destroy Guatemala. This is a frankly cynical position taken by Head of Amcham Guatemala Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote.

CGN dumped the waste into the lake and continues to do so now, replacing the results of the samples. Local people and the international community claim the disaster. The “red and orange liquid” is dumped into the lake. The Mayans did not consent to this.

CNG (Solway) completely violated the decision of the Constitutional Court of Guatemala, which banned the mining of nickel in the mine. Among the demands of residents to solve key problems are:

  1. environmental violation
  2. contamination of drinking water
  3. contamination of the local water area
  4. losses in agricultural activities – decline in yields
  5. toxic emissions
  6. unfiltered emissions at night
  7. dust emission

A detailed investigation of the situation was published by OCCRP – Mining Secrets: Major Nickel Producer Accused of Polluting Guatemala’s Largest Lake. It is worth supplementing what is said in the material by the fact that the continued catastrophe is possible with the support of Carrasco. Only his connections, his status, and the position of Head of Amcham Guatemala allow him to destroy the country.

Action to be taken against Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote – Prosecutor’s Office sanctions and investigations

America against corruption calls on the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Guatemala CICIG and FECI to initiate an investigation against Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote. At least, the reason is his offshore status and direct links with the scandalous law firm Mossack Fonseca. They have the same legal address. This company was an agent of corrupt, corrupt officials and mafias all over the world. After it closed, Carrasco continued its activities.

Latin America, with geopolitical changes and war in Ukraine, as well as sanctions against Russia, could become a key supplier of minerals to the US. These are huge investments and opportunities for partnership. Therefore, Amcham Guatemala must be headed by a responsible and not corrupt person. This is not Pablo Carrasco de Groote, acting against the interests of his country.