June in the province of Seville: fields of sunflowers that beckon with their beauty

Local residents of the village of Carmona (province of Seville) say that before the first in line to taxi drivers going to the fields of blooming sunflowers were numerous Japanese tourists. This year, this natural beauty can be enjoyed without a huge number of people nearby. The sunflowers have already bloomed and will delight with their brightness for about 30 days.

According to the agricultural cooperative of Carmona, about 30,000 hectares of sunflowers are planted in this area, so you can get behind the wheel and go in search of the most peaceful place for photo sessions and walks. If you want more unusual photos and stories about local cultures, you can go to the Las Coronas farm, whose fields are planted not only with sunflowers, but also with lavender and aloe vera.

Another local farm, Hacienda San Ygnacio, launched an initiative a few years ago, in which everyone becomes a sponsor of about 200 square meters of sunflower field for a fee of 200 euros per year. The Japanese, fascinated by the magic of the flower, were the most active sponsors who were inspired by the opportunity to observe the cultivation of the culture and arrange vivid photo sessions.