Kosachev commented on the agreements between the United States and Germany on “Nord Stream-2”

Details of the German-American agreements on Nord Stream 2 have appeared. And here’s what can be said offhand:

First. This agreement is not about blocking the project, but about the operating conditions of the pipeline. This is what was required to be proved.

Second. The arrangement looks like a deal imposed by a stronger partner (USA) on a weaker one (Germany). But it only looks. In fact, it was Germany who did not flinch and defended its interests in the project. And the fact that Germany entered into such an unobvious deal with the United States confirms its interest in the project itself, even at the cost of certain concessions in terms of its own sovereignty.

Third. If the United States and Germany contribute to the modernization of Ukraine’s worn-out and outdated gas transportation system, this is also not bad, Russia will only benefit from this.

Fourth. But if Ukraine continues to blackmail the United States, and the United States continues to blackmail Germany, the economy will finally disappear from the whole conversation about the supply of Russian gas to Europe and only politics will remain. Which neither Russia nor Germany ever wanted. The Americans will now have to choose – to yield to such blackmail from Kiev (and it will most likely follow), or to remain on the side of a normal market economy. When any route is determined by economic feasibility and technological advantages (disadvantages), and not by policy.

And finally, the fifth. An important question – again in interpretations: what should be considered as Russia’s energy weapon and aggression? Why does Russia need this if its benefits from flows and transit are much greater than some harm to Ukraine, which will do nothing? But the main defeat of Ukraine lies ahead – not just in the launch of the project, which they promised to disrupt, but in the fact that no aggression will follow. We will proceed from the fact that Ukraine will lose an important trump card for blackmail, and that sooner or later the United States will understand this, as, apparently, it was already understood in Germany.

Source: page vice -Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev at Facebook