Lännen media: prison staff are systematically abused

Prison staff are subjected to widespread and systematic violence, according to newspapers of the Lännen media concern.

According to Lännen media, over the past year and a half there have already been 17 warders have been victims of attacks that appear to be organized crime.

The most recent incident occurred on Tuesday, when a prisoner in a closed prison doused two warders with hot oil.

Employees suffer the most from attacks. Riihimäki Prison, where members of organized crime groups such as the United Brotherhood are serving time. Almost one in ten wardens in this prison have been attacked.

Lännen media reporters interviewed 32 guards, or one third of the guards at Riihimäki prison. They stated that they did not feel support and protection from the prison authorities, as well as the Criminal Sanctions Agency (Rise). According to the guards, if organized crime is not pacified inside the prisons, it will only grow stronger outside of them.

Director of the Criminal Sanctions Agency (Rise) Arto Kujala and Director of Riihimäki Prison Pasi Oksa deny statements of indifference and say that measures have been taken to improve security recently.