Largest hoard of Bronze Age artifacts found in France

In the vicinity of the French city of Gannath, archaeologists have discovered four metal treasures, dating back to the late Bronze Age. Scientists, although excavations are still ongoing, believe that the area with the largest number of artifacts of this period in France has been found.

According to Pourlascience, the first items were discovered in 2017, but the treasure was looted and its remains are on display in Museum Anne de Bojeux in Moulins. A full excavation began in 2019 under the direction of the archaeologist Pierre-Yves Milsent and continues to this day.

Scientists have unearthed the remains of an unusually large fortified settlement dating from around 800 BC. NS. The 30-hectare settlement was protected by a double row of ramparts, a wooden palisade with an earthen moat, and stone walls were about six meters high.

There were dozens of perfectly preserved bronze items in ceramic vessels. At the bottom of the vessels lay jewelry – bracelets, pendants, belt buckles. Then came weapons – axes, knives, daggers, spearheads. Above were chariot and horse harness fittings.

“One intriguing element never seen before in a Bronze Age context: river pebbles, specially matched for color. One of the treasures contained white pebbles, the other red “, – the publication reports.

Artifacts are located in a similar way in other treasures. Despite 2800 years, the bronze objects are in an exceptional state of preservation.