Macron commented on the slap incident

French President Emmanuel Macron, who was slapped in the face on Tuesday June 8 during a working trip to the Drome department, was quick to comment on the incident that caused so much noise. According to the BFM TV channel, in an interview with the regional portal Dauphiné, the head of the Fifth Republic said that he was not going to dramatize the situation and avoid meetings with fellow citizens, but would continue to communicate openly with them.

“Let’s not exaggerate this incident, which I consider an isolated incident. It should not distract attention from really pressing problems,” said Macron.

And although the footage from the scene shows how, after the attack, the president turns sharply and leaves, he assured the journalists that later he took a picture with a group of citizens, into whose ranks the aggressor had crept in. As a reminder, during his visit to the lyceum, Macron approached the fence, behind which he was met by the locals, and amiably took the hand of a bearded man in a mask, who suddenly tried to punch the president in the face (the Elysee Palace insists that it was only an “attempt to slap the face”, which was stopped by the guards). Be that as it may, Emmanuel Macron assured that “nothing will stop him” and that he will “continue in the same spirit.”

Meanwhile, the French media found out that the attacker was the 29-year-old native of these places, Damien T., a fan of historical reconstructions on the theme of medieval knightly tournaments, and at the same time a participant in unauthorized pickets of “yellow vests”. Experts in the legislation of the Fifth Republic believe that a young man who is detained and testifies in the gendarmerie may face a fine and even a prison term of up to three years. However, he can get off with a suspended sentence.