Macron spoke with Biden, Putin and Draghi on Afghanistan

The French president insisted with the American and European heads of state on the need for “close international cooperation” on the Afghan crisis

Emmanuel Macron made a phone call to each of his American, Russian and Italian counterparts on Thursday. On the agenda: the management of the crisis in Afghanistan where the Taliban have taken power for five days now. During his telephone interview in the evening with Joe Biden, the French president “underlined the absolute need to ensure coordination between allies, rapid and concrete on the ground, to allow the evacuation of our nationals, Afghan women and women. Afghans who worked for the allies, as well as those who are threatened “, indicated the Elysee.

” We cannot abandon them “, affirmed the head of state, in evoking a “moral responsibility”. Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron “have agreed to strengthen their joint action in humanitarian, political and counterterrorism matters in the coming days, in particular within the framework of the G7”, according to the French presidency.

Struggle against drugs and arms trafficking with Putin

A little earlier, during his meeting with Vladimir Poutine, which lasted more than an hour and a half, Emmanuel Macron notably discussed “priority expectations with regard to the Taliban ”, who took power in Kabul:“ fight against drugs and arms trafficking, break with international terrorist movements, respect for women’s rights, ”said the presidency. The two presidents “have agreed to coordinate closely in the days and weeks to come, bilaterally as well as within the United Nations Security Council, as within the framework of the G20”, she added.

During the interview with Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron also again called for the release of the opponent Alexei Navalny, “a year after the assassination attempt of which he was the victim, in accordance with to the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, ”the Elysee said. He also hoped that the Russian parliamentary elections in September “will be held in accordance with the criteria of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)”, according to the presidency.

Marathon of talks with European leaders

Even earlier today, Emmanuel Macron and Mario Draghi also agreed on the “need for close cooperation” within the EU “in order to carry out the evacuation of the most threatened Europeans and Afghans, as well as to anticipate the consequences of the Afghan crisis ”, according to the Elysee.

Since the beginning of the week, the French head of state has been is already in talks about Afghanistan with Germany’s Angela Merkel and Britain’s Boris Johnson, while a G7 meeting is scheduled for next week.