Maria Ohisalo wants to continue as Greens leader – announced pregnancy today

Chairman of the Greens Maria Okhisalo is going to run for a second term at a party meeting to be held in September.

During today’s press conference, Ohisalo also revealed that she and her husband are expecting their first child. Ohisalo shared that the pregnancy, which also took place during the municipal elections, is not easily transferred due to the rush and workload.

Ohisalo thanked the medical staff for the support in particular and also mentioned her spouse Miiku Johansson who works in the energy field.

The Greens will elect a new chairman at a remote meeting in September. If Okhisalo is re-elected, she will need a deputy head of the party, as well as in the cabinet.

Ohisalo intends to take parental leave in November and return to work next summer.