Mass was held in Cologne in the largest cathedral, and the Munch museum will open in Oslo

The main Catholic church of the country, the famous Cologne Cathedral, has opened in Germany. On Sunday morning, according to the German press, the first service after a seven-week quarantine took place there.

Mass was held with strict restrictions: only priests, singers and a few journalists were allowed to the service. Reportedly, from Wednesday onwards, parishioners will also be admitted. But no more than 122 people, and on request sent in advance.

According to Cardinal Rainer Maria Wölka, during the previous seven weeks, the masses from the cathedral were broadcast online, but now “we can experience the sacrament of worship together.”

Participants in the Mass in the future will be required to wear masks and will be seated in clearly marked areas, two meters apart. For communion, you need to walk along a specially marked path, and the prosphora will be passed under a plastic cap. Only the choir will sing – the parishioners are not allowed to.

Meanwhile, Norway is more cautious about opening famous public spaces. Having built a new museum for their famous compatriot artist Edvard Munch, designed by Spanish architects, they plan to hold its grand opening only in late autumn. In the hope that the pandemic will subside and it will be possible to invite as many admirers of the painter to the opening day.

During his life, Munch left 40 thousand paintings, graphic works, letters, working tools. The artist donated two thirds of all this to the city of Oslo, where he died in 1944. But only a small part of the collection could be accommodated in the artist’s museum opened in 1963.

Moreover, after the theft of “The Scream” and “Madonna”, the museum’s management had to strengthen security measures, which also led to a reduction in exhibition space.

As the director of the museum Stein Olaf Henriksen told the German agency DPA, the new very spacious museum will have a place for all the exhibits that belonged to Edward Munch.