Media revealed the identity of the official who lost documents about the destroyer Defender

Lost secret documents about the passage of the destroyer Defender in the Black Sea turned out to be a contender for the position of the permanent representative of Great Britain in NATO, the Times and Guardian write

An official of the British Ministry of Defense, who lost secret documents about the destroyer Defender at a bus stop in Kent, was 51-year-old Angus Lapsley. Prior to that, he worked for the United Kingdom Foreign Office. The Times and The Guardian .

According to them, he did not work for long in the Ministry of Defense, and when it turned out that it was Lapsley who was involved in the loss of documents, his transferred back to serve in the Foreign Ministry, not finding in his actions “traces of espionage.” Now Lapsley’s appointment to this position seems unlikely.

The lost documents were found at a bus stop on June 27, there were about 50 sheets in total. In the papers of the UK Department of Defense, a possible Russian reaction to the passage of the destroyer Defender off the coast of Crimea was described. In particular, it said that Russia could react “aggressively”. In total, the British military considered three scenarios for the actions of the Russian side and several options for the passage of the destroyer.