Merkel calls on the EU for direct dialogue with Russia

<1><2><3><4> <5> German Chancellor Angela Merkel took part in the plenary session of the Bundestag, where she answered questions from German MPs. It was not only about internal German affairs, but also about foreign policy, including Russia. According to the head of the German government, it is time for the EU to find a common approach to relations with Moscow and personally with the President of the Russian Federation. Dialogue between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden is not enough, Europe should not stand aside. The recording of the Chancellor's speech, which took place on the eve of June 23, has been published on her official website. <6> <7> <8> <9> <10><11> According to the Chancellor, this pan-European format of interaction with Moscow should include "mechanisms of a single and common response" to the policy of the Russian Federation, which Berlin does not tire of accusing of "hybrid threats" (in fact, the same theses are contained in the the election program of the CDU / CSU, about which "RG" wrote). At the same time, Mrs. Merkel acknowledged that it is high time for the European Union to define the "agenda of common strategic interests." To these she attributed the fight against climate change, the maintenance of peace and security on the continent, the settlement of conflicts in Syria and Libya – all these challenges cannot be dealt with without cooperation with Russia. <12> <13> "I believe that the EU should seek direct contact with Russia and the Russian president. It is not enough when an American president speaks with a Russian one. I welcome this, but the EU must create its own negotiation formats, "the head of the German government concluded. <14><15> Earlier, the Financial Times reported that Angela Merkel offered to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the EU summit. According to the newspaper, the initiative was immediately supported by the head of France Emmanuel Macron. However, neither Berlin nor Paris has officially commented on this leak. <16> <17>