Merkel suggested what will be her first day after leaving the post of chancellor

Angela Merkel tried to imagine how her first day after leaving you this year with Chancellor of Germany. She shared her thoughts on Thursday during a conversation at Johns Hopkins University in Washington.

According to Merkel, perhaps out of habit she will think what awaits her that tasks are performed by another person. “I think I will like it very much,” the politician quotes TASS. She noted that she intends to take a break to think about what her interests are, since there has been little time for this over the past 16 years.

Angela Merkel was named Honorary Doctor of Johns Hopkins University the day before. The president of the scientific organization Ronald Daniels presented the robe and diploma to the chancellor. In response, she noted that the world wants to return to normal life after the coronavirus pandemic, and Merkel herself uses the University’s data on the pandemic.

This year, Merkel’s fourth chancellor term ends, and she did not nominate herself for the fifth time. The elections for the Chancellor of Germany will take place in the fall of 2021, following the parliamentary elections on September 26.