MiG-31 again prevented the Norwegian Orion from approaching the border of the Russian Federation

The press service of the Northern Fleet has twice in the past two days reported on a reconnaissance raid by a Norwegian military aircraft not far from our borders.

On Thursday, the message sounded like this: “On May 27, Russian air control devices over the Barents Sea area detected an air target approaching the state border of the Russian Federation. To identify the air target and prevent violation of the state border of the Russian Federation in the air was raised a MiG-31 fighter from the air defense forces of the Northern Fleet. ” Norway.

A Russian fighter escorted him over the Barents Sea. And when the Orion turned away from the Russian border, the MiG-31 returned safely to the airfield.

“The flight of the Russian fighter was carried out in strict accordance with international rules for the use of airspace,” the press service noted. “The state border of the Russian Federation has not been violated.”

Practically the same information was disseminated by the press service 26 May. Then the Norwegian Orion was also walking to the Russian border, and the MiG-31 fighter did not allow it to approach our borders.