Mojito for 3 euros: an initiative to help Barcelona’s bars during the crisis

To brighten the hot summer evenings of Barcelona’s residents with refreshing alcoholic cocktails and help local bars in times of crisis, Grupo Bacardí launched the Barrios Abiertos initiative. Within its framework, visitors are offered cocktails at a reduced price.

The protagonists of the initiative are 172 establishments located in 10 districts of Barcelona. Some of them were recently opened, while others have been around for many years. The idea is that customers will pay only half of the cost of the drink they drink, and the other half of the bar will be paid by the Grupo Bacardí group. It is planned that in this way the establishments will gradually restore the flow of visitors.

On the official website of the initiative, you can choose a bar and a type of cocktail that can be ordered with a discount as part of the promotion. After entering this information, a digital coupon is loaded, which must be presented when ordering a drink at the selected bar. Payment for drinks is made directly at the institution. Customers are encouraged to choose cocktails based on classic Bacardi rum, aromatic and sophisticated Bombay Sapphire and Bombay Bramble gins, Dewar’s Scotch whiskey, Gray Goose vodka, Martini vermouth and sparkling wines, Pattern tequila and Santa Teresa 1796 Cuban rum.

The initiative offers cocktails to suit all tastes. For just three euros you can refresh yourself with a traditional mojito, try the Brazilian Caipirinha and the Coconut Highball cocktail based on Dewar’s Scotch whiskey, which is the standard for lovers of fermented malt distillates. And the Rum Cooler cocktail, based on Bacardi rum and ginger ale, will be an excellent accompaniment to tapas. The full range of cocktails and venues can be found on the website above.

An additional 170 bars in Barcelona and Madrid are slated to join the Barrios Abiertos initiative in September. Discount coupons can be downloaded online until November 15.