More and more Finns speak out in support of the growth of labor migration

An increasing number of Finns estimate that the country needs to ease immigration policies for labor migrants as the indigenous population ages.

According to a poll by the Business Analytical Center EVA, 48% of respondents were in favor of facilitating the conditions for obtaining a work permit in Finland.

Since 1998, the ratio has changed by 29 percentage points in a more favorable direction.

Women are more positive about immigration than men. Among age groups, people aged 18–25 and over 65 are most positive about immigration.

Most of all, supporters of the Greens, the Swedish People's Party and the Union of Left Forces are in favor of attracting foreign labor. The supporters of the True Finns, the Now Movement and the Christian Democrats towards labor migration are mostly negative. Supporters of the Coalition Party, Center "and the SDP expressed the same number of both positive and negative assessments on this issue.

Results are based on responses from 2,000 people. The survey was conducted by Taloustutkimus.