More than 100 people have died in Norway after being vaccinated against coronavirus

In Norway, 102 elderly people have died after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. Bloomberg reports.

The age of the deceased is 87 years and older. All of them had chronic diseases and were vaccinated under the government vaccination program Pfizer / BioNTech and the American company Moderna. According to the publication, the Norwegian authorities have urgently created an expert group, which should make a conclusion on the reasons for such a high mortality rate among the elderly after vaccination against coronavirus. The results of the analysis are due to be published this spring. For the entire time of the pandemic in Norway, more than 72 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed, 623 people have died.

By the way, the death rate from coronavirus in Norway is much lower than in neighboring Sweden, where there are 12,882 deaths. The head of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health Frude Forland recently criticized Sweden for its slowness in taking action during the period when the pandemic broke out.