More than 200 cases of coronavirus infection among football tourists – the head of THL does not exclude the possibility of another lockdown

Most of the cases reported among football fans are from the metropolitan area.It is highly probable that the sick are infected with a more contagious delta strain common in Russia.

The number of infections detected among football fans returning from Russia is growing.THL chief Mika Salminen says more than 200 cases have been identified across the country.

According to Salminen, the number of cases has doubled since last Thursday.More than half are “goodies” brought from St. Petersburg.Most infections are found in the metropolitan area.

– There have been cases of infection throughout Finland, but 80-90 percent are in the metropolitan area and in particular in Helsinki, says Salminen.

Not sure yet.certainty that the sick have contracted the delta strain, but the likelihood of this is high.

– The Delta strain is rapidly spreading in Russia, so this possibility cannot be denied.

According to Salminen, this will finally become clear in a week.

The possibility of a new lockdown is possible

Salminen does not exclude the possibility that a new lockdown will have to be introduced as a result of the spread of the delta strain in the country.

– It all depends on whether we can trace the chain of infections and identify the first case in order to interrupt the spread of the virus.Much depends on the consciousness of the tourists themselves.Each case poses a risk of infection to other people and a new round of the epidemic.

Last Tuesday, about 800 football tourists were allowed through the Vaalimaa border checkpoint to Finland without tests.The border guards came to such an exceptional decision due to traffic jams at the border, which arose after tourists began to return to the country from the European Football Championship.

Salminen reminds that if a tourist returned from St. Petersburg without being tested at the border, then he needs to apply for a test at the place of residence.