More than 300 Italian caregivers in court over compulsory vaccine

A hearing is scheduled for July 14

Some 300 Italian caregivers have taken legal action in sight, according to the local press, to obtain the lifting of the obligation for medical and health personnel to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The appeal was lodged with the administrative court of Brescia (north) on behalf of caregivers working in the Lombardy region, in Brescia, Cremona, Bergamo and Mantua. A hearing is scheduled for July 14.

“This is not a battle of the no-vax but a democratic battle. We force people to take a risk on pain of no longer being able to exercise their profession ”, explained the constitutional lawyer Daniele Granara, at the origin of the procedure, quoted by the daily Il giornale di Brescia. The lawyer is also defending dozens of caregivers suspended for refusing to be vaccinated.

Assigned to another service or suspended without pay

A law that came into force in April provides indeed that “people exercising an activity in socio-health structures, public and private, in pharmacies, drugstores and private practices are subject to vaccination”. In the event of a breach, the offender, if he works in contact with the public, is assigned to another department or suspended without pay if the employer has no new tasks to offer him.

In addition to the elderly and / or vulnerable people, caregivers – as well as teachers – were the first in Italy to be vaccinated. So far 52.7 million doses have been administered. Almost 19.5 million Italians are vaccinated, or 36% of the population over 12 years old. According to recent data from the Covid-19 emergency police station, 45,750 of the 1.9 million employees in the health sector (2.3%) remain “waiting for a first dose or a single dose”.