More than 800 fire starts recorded at the end of the week in Italy

Sicily alone has recorded around 300 forest fires since the start of the year according to one of the main farmers’ unions in Italy

Italy recorded more than 800 fires this weekend, mainly in the south of the country. “During the last 24 hours, the firefighters have carried out more than 800 interventions: 250 in Sicily, 130 in Puglia and Calabria, 90 in Lazio (the region of Rome) and 70 in Campania”, detailed the firefighters on Saturday on Twitter. “The work of the teams continues in Catania, Palermo and the Syracuse area”, three Sicilian cities.

#Incendiboschivi, nelle ultimate 24 ore svolti dai #vigilidelfuoco oltre 800 interventi: 250 in Sicilia, 130 in Puglia e Calabria, 90 nel Lazio e 70 in Campania. Prosegue il lavoro delle squadre in Catania, in Palermo e nel siracusano (nelle foto) [# 31luglio 8:30]

— Vigili del Fuoco (@emergenzavvf) July 31, 2021

Fires of criminal origin according to a farmers’ union

Italy is currently affected by a major heat wave with temperatures reaching 40 ° C in Bari (Puglia) or 39 ° C in Catania and Palermo (Sicily).
These heat and the lack of rains have led to numerous fires, one of which destroyed more than 20,000 hectares of forest, olive groves and crops in the region at the end of last week. Oristano, in western Sardinia.

According to Coldiretti, one of the main farmers’ unions in Italy, Sicily alone recorded around 300 forest fires for 60,000 fires up to ‘now in 2021. “The latest fires confirm that the fires are caused by criminals”, adds the Coldiretti, while rec Knowing that “the heat and the drought” made the work of the arsonists easier.

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