Near Rome, a village offers houses for 1 euro

The municipality of Maenza hopes to see young couples or families to settle in

Operation seduction for the commune of Maenza, located one hour south of Rome, Italy. The latter has just embarked on an initiative already well known in the country: being able to buy a house for 1 euro. It is the first municipality in the Latrium region to offer such an offer, reports CNN, relayed by Capital.

A real “renaissance pact” according to the mayor, Claudio Sperduti. The city councilor hopes to revive the city but above all to attract families. First step for the municipality: identify abandoned buildings, find their owner and put them in touch with future buyers.

Propose a detailed project

“We are moving step by step, as we go as the original families contact us and hand over their old houses to us, ”explains the mayor of Maenza. To be able to benefit from this offer, you must contact the town hall and submit a file, which will then be studied. The first applications must be submitted before August 28, but the town hall ensures that other properties will soon be put on the market.

Certain conditions must still be met in order to be able to benefit from them. First, commit to renovating the building within three years. A deposit of 5,000 euros must be deposited and will be returned by the authorities at the end of the work. A detailed project must also be presented and in particular indicate what will become of the house. The municipality has already announced that families with children or young couples would be privileged.