Netflix-conquered Buddhist chef to give free workshop in Madrid

At the end of the summer program of the cycle of events “Veranos de la Villa” in Madrid, everyone is welcome at an unusual master class, which will be held by the world famous chef, a Buddhist nun Jung Kwang. She will reveal to guests the unique secrets of healthy eating and simple but delicious recipes. Chefs and food critics from around the world usually flock to her for advice. In addition, she became famous for the documentary series “Chef’s table”, released by Netflix.

The Buddhist nun, who has been living in the Baekyangsa temple in South Korea since the age of 17, will bring to Madrid all the secrets of her culinary philosophy, her notes with recipes, extensive knowledge of roots, flowers, stems, fruits that can be actively used in cooking. The secrets of traditional fermented foods, which are passed down from generation to generation in her homeland, she will not pass by either.

In cooperation with the Federation of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Spain (FACYRE), the Korean Cultural Center is organizing two free master classes (one and a half hours each). To book a free master class, please follow the link: