New emergency veterinary clinic to appear in Kuopio – Evidensia promises to build the largest animal hospital in central Finland

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> The exact location of the veterinary clinic, which should open this fall, has not yet been announced. A room with an area of 900 m² is being renovated for the needs of the hospital. The veterinary clinic will create 50 new jobs in the city. <7> <8> An emergency veterinary clinic will open in Kuopio this fall. The Evidensia 24-hour clinic is set to become the largest veterinary hospital in the country. The clinic will diagnose and treat small pets. <9> <10> – Evidensia has been looking for expansion opportunities in Kuopio for a long time, but there was no suitable facility. Our goal is to become the largest veterinary clinic in central and northern Finland, not only Kuopio, – states the chief veterinarian of the hospital <11> Karoliina Nyussenen <12>. <13> <14> The premises of 900 m² are being renovated for the needs of the hospital. As a result, all available diagnostic and other services must be collected under one roof. The clinic should begin admitting four-legged patients in October. <15><16> 50 new jobs <17> <18> The new veterinary hospital will create 50 new jobs in the region. Recruiting will begin soon. According to Nyussönen, a third of the future staff will be veterinarians. <19> <20> The region has long experienced a shortage of veterinarians, so specialists will have to be attracted from all over the country. <21> <22> – Perhaps even from abroad. However, I believe there is much we can offer veterinarians, from expert equipment to other benefits of working in a large network. <23>