New model of entry into the country: those who have completed the full course of vaccinations or who have had covid disease will be able to freely cross the border

The government has presented a draft law on a new model of entry into the country.

From the beginning of July, it will be allowed to enter the country without tests and quarantine if there is a certificate of full a vaccination course completed at least two weeks earlier, or about a disease that has been transferred during the last six months. after arrival.

If an entrant does not have a preliminary test, he must take a test at the border and take a second test after 72 hours.

Failure to comply with these requirements is punishable by a fine.

According to the chairman of the parliamentary committee on social health issues by Marcus Loha (Center), the main innovation of this model is that entrants will no longer have to remain in voluntary quarantine between the first and second test. At the same time, the THL Department of Health and Social Development recommends avoiding contact until the second test.

This model of entry into the country will remain in force until the end of the year. The requirement for a second test will be canceled in mid-October.

There may be a rush to approve the bill because parliamentarians are going on summer vacation after Midsummer.

Yesterday, the government made it easier for residents of EU countries to enter the country and the Schengen area.

Article amended at 19:40: the new model concerns entry into the country as a whole, not only for residents of the EU and the Schengen area.