New sweets museum opens in Madrid

A visit to the Sweet Space Museum, located on the second floor of ABC Serrano Mall, is an interactive adventure in which the main characters are sweets, bright colors and creative solutions. This large space is divided into 10 themed rooms, each of which has been designed and designed by artists of different styles. Fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, for example, was responsible for creating the sky. Artist and architect Okuda came up with a slide to a parallel world. Antonio Marest created the palm trees from the sugar clouds, from which the adventure of all guests will begin. Many other talented representatives of the creative world of Spain also took part in the development.

The Caramel Forest, Chupa Chups Falls, Ice Cream Lab, and much more that may be part of a sweet tooth’s fantasy are in this museum. Astronaut Astro, the main character and guide in this space, leads the guests on a journey into the sweet world. The sweet journey ends in a shop and cafe, which are open not only to museum visitors, but also to everyone who wants to treat themselves to sweets. Sweet Space will open its doors on October 10, and tickets are already available for purchase from September 21.