Norwegian Prime Minister Accused of Violating Antique Measures

In relation to the Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg, an investigation has been opened on the fact of violation of the restrictive measures established in the country to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Solberg is accused of violating current restrictions prohibiting companies with more than 10 people from gathering in one place.

The fact is that during the winter holidays Solberg organized a meeting at a restaurant for her family on the occasion of her own 60 anniversary. As a result, 14 people, including the Prime Minister, gathered at the same time in the designated place of the restaurant. The family later repeated this violation, meeting, however, not in a restaurant, but in the prime minister’s rented apartment.

The Norwegian Prime Minister officially apologized for the violation of infection control rules. “We shouldn’t have had this, and I had to stop it. I didn’t and I can only apologize,” the Dagbladet edition quotes her as saying.

On her Facebook page, she wrote that she was upset about what had happened. “As Prime Minister, I have a particularly great responsibility to strictly follow the rules and guidelines. Unfortunately, this eluded us (the family) and we were unable to follow the rules and guidelines as we should have. This is annoying.” wrote Solberg. What kind of penalties can be applied to the current prime minister and family members will become clear after the completion of the investigation.