One dead and two missing in the bad weather in Italy, submerged Venice

Our Latin neighbor is not spared by the torrential rains

Floods have killed at least one person and two missing in the night from Friday to Saturday in northern Italy, according to relief, and the heart of Venice should be submerged during the day. Bad weather hit Lombardy, Veneto and Liguria, a region bordering south-eastern France where nine people were reported missing on Saturday after torrential rains and flash floods.

A volunteer firefighter died in during an intervention in the Aosta Valley (north-west) and a man of Italian nationality is reported missing on the Franco-Italian border, near the Tende road tunnel. Another person is missing in Piedmont.

An “acqua alta” Saturday noon

In Venice, locals and tourists converged to observe the “acqua alta”, an abnormal high tide flooding dozens of shops and hotels as well as the famous Saint Mark’s Square. The rise in water levels, expected to peak at midday, should be limited by a new system of mobile dikes. The height is estimated at 1.35 meters, against 1.87 m last year in November, one of the highest measurements ever recorded.

The MOSE project (Moses in Italian, Electromagnetic Experimental Module) is a complex engineering system allowing “waterproofing” of the Serenissima thanks to 78 dikes placed at the entry points of the lagoon. It is a network of coffers filled with water, supposed to be able to rise in 30 minutes, to create a barrier capable of withstanding a rise in water three meters above normal.