One of the main defendants in the drug trafficking case “Katiska” received a second sentence – he will be imprisoned for 13 years

The Helsinki County Court sentenced Niko Ranta-aho , , who was involved in the so-called “Katiska case”, to the second imprisonment for two years.

Ranta-aho was re-charged with drug smuggling and distribution.

The sentence that Ranta-aho had received earlier was taken into account in the sentencing. Then he was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Ranta-aho appealed to the second instance against the first sentence.

Case “Katiska-2” was initiated due to the fact that Ranta-aho continued to smuggle drugs after he was released from the detention center last summer.

The prosecutor initially demanded that the accused be sentenced to 13 years in prison. Thus, in total, he would face more than 20 years behind bars, but such a lengthy imprisonment in Finland has never been awarded.

Prosecutor Heli Vesaaya intends to appeal against the court’s decision, which she considers too lenient.

According to lawyer Hannu Kaitaluoma, his client is pleased with the verdict received this time.