One of the most iconic hotels in Madrid reopens its doors

Although many hotels in Spain have already returned to normal, some are still closed due to the pandemic. This also applies to the capital’s Hotel Intercontinental, which for the first time in its long history remained closed for over a year. The hotel first opened its doors in 1953 and reopened them on 23 August this year.

The hotel reports that they used these 1.5 years of closure to renovate some of the properties, as well as prepare spaces for the implementation of measures security established by the Ministry of Health.

It is reported that after check-out of one guest and before the check-in of another guest, the rooms will be maintained at a 24-hour interval and thoroughly disinfected. Items such as notebooks, pens, magazines and catalogs will be removed from the guest room after the guest has been checked out to eliminate the risk of the virus spreading through them.

The hotel is currently training staff on new services and security measures, and is gradually commissioning new facilities. More than 250 full-time employees are slated to start working gradually, increasing as the number of guests grows.

The hotel’s CEO, Paloma Martinez, noted that they are already actively booking. She added that the focus is now on national tourists, but international guests are also expected to arrive soon, who consider Madrid a safe destination to resume travel.

The hotel will also return their famous Sunday brunch with more than two hundred dishes. national and international cuisine in a buffet format.