Online consultation with a Russian doctor. Spain in Russian – all about life in Spain

Do you need the help of a Russian-speaking doctor? “MyMedic” will help you!

This application is designed for those who need to get an online consultation from a qualified practicing doctor from Russia.

In the MyMedic application you will find adult and pediatric specialists: therapists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists (adults and children), pediatricians.

These doctors will help you:

  • decipher the analyzes;
  • adjust the treatment plan;
  • deal with the symptoms;
  • get a second expert opinion of a specialist on a particular diagnosis already made;
  • monitor the state of the body (current and during treatment);
  • receive preventive health, nutrition and lifestyle advice.

All at an affordable price and convenient for you are the time and day!

What you should pay attention to:

  • You can attach all your available examinations and analyzes in advance or during the online consultation, so the doctor will have a complete picture of your health;
  • After the consultation, the doctor’s conclusion will be kept in your medical record and will always be at hand;
  • For the doctor to hear and see you, allow the application to use the camera and phone;
  • Do not forget to turn on push notifications, so you will definitely not miss an upcoming appointment.

Install “MyMedic” and your personal medic will always be in your smartphone!